Sometimes, a wheel can be unaffected, but often it can be slightly or significantly bent. A wheel that is out of round can effect the safety of your vehicle, ruin the smoothness of your ride, lead to uneven tire wear, cause alignment issues and even decrease fuel economy. The good news is that in many cases, We can straighten things out and have you rolling within factory specifications (often better) in no time.

JDM PARTS NZ  provides a professional complete alloy wheel refurbishment / Wheel Repair service. if your wheels are kerbed, scuffed, corroded, bent or scratched we are the ones to come to.
Over 15 years experience in the Automotive industry, there is no wonder why our services are used by many of the car industries main dealers, tyre outlets, body shops, car clubs, vehicle leasing suppliers and more.


Re Rolling
Rim Straightening

Straightning  bent rims.
This is most important things . The wheel has to be roundness and the true circle.
— From $65+GST
( Exclude tyre removing Service ) per wheel.



Welding Cracks & edges and other point of wheels.
— From $90+GST
( Exclude tyre removing Service ) per wheel.



Kerb damage & gutter scrapes are welded by Tig .
Then machined  or Hand Polishing.
— From $150+GST / wheel
( Exclude tyre removing Service ) per wheel.


After MACHINING / POLISHING ,You can choose the following Painting Options.

Powder Coating

The latest colour range from Dulux now features its very own powder coat series

– From $120+GST / Wheel

( Exclude Sand Blasting / Removing Paint off )

Spray Painting

We Can Paint any range of Paint color .
Please ask with your Favorite Color or paint.

– From $80+GST / wheel.

( Exclude Sand Blasting / Removing Paint off )

Metal Parts Polish

We can also polish small metal parts.

Polishing Before – After