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Yahoo JAPAN is Largest Online Auctions  in JAPAN :Yahoo Japan Auction
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We have Special Container shipping every 2-3 month for NZ. We can use our container space for your car Parts or Large items from JAPAN.
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    Note: We May Charge extra cost of shipping fee between 1st of  September to 30th April.
    ( High risk season Of BSMB stink-bug Issue )

    More info:

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    Coil Over / Adjusty suspention at Yahoo JAPAN Auctions

    S13 Silvia Coil Over / adjustable suspension

    S14 Silvia Coil Over / adjustable suspension

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    We Import Used car & most of Japanese car parts , auto parts , Any Large items from JAPAN.
    All Japanese makes welcome to ask. TOYOTA , NISSAN , HONDA , MAZDA , SUBARU , SUZUKI , MITSUBISHI , DAIHATSU ,,, etc . We import Engine,Transmission,CVT, Headlight , Bumper , Radiator , interior parts , window Switch ,,,etc..
    Pleasase Click here for Our shipping Schedules.

    We are Japanese Car Specilist!

    We import many of Japanese car parts from Japan.
    Every day have new listing on Trademe store.
    We can program your Smart Key / Transponder Key / Remote Key / Auto Mobile Keys or Replacement Keysfor most vehicle models.
    If you need unlock Japanese car navigation, please contact us.