Yahoo JAPAN SELF IMPORT 2023 is Closed now. Please try next year 2024.

We have Special Container shipping for NZ. We can use our container space for your car Parts or Large items from JAPAN.

Yahoo JAPAN is Largest Online Auctions :
Yahoo Japan Auction
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Note :  Minimum Charge is 1 m3 . (Item Cost + Shipping & Customs $395 )+GST.
You can combine with some kind of items.

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Note : This is just rough estimate.  If you need exact cost , please complete following form below. We can give you the NZ$ D2D quote by email.

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    Note 1 : *We need Payment before purchasing orBiddings. *We will refund if the bid was not success. However we will charge the bidding fee. 
    Note 2 :This service is Buy on behalf .We can not cover damage of goods.