We are  providing special shipping rate for NewZealand  Customers.

You can use our Our shipping if :

1, you buy some item from this page : Car Parts / Vehicle or Any Large items from Yahoo JAPAN

Our shipping Schedules are following under.


Unfortunately We are not able to purchase any item from Japan 2022 at the moment due to COVID 19 pandemic & stink bug problem .

we may not make any containers for our customers till 2023.

More info :


Estimate shipping Schedules for Container    –  JAPAN  to  NZ 

Name JAPAN – Loading day CHRISTCHURCH – Arrivings
SS1 Mid Feb Mid Apl   N/A by BSMB stink-bug Issue
SS2 Mid Jul Mid Sep
SS3 Mid Oct Mid Dec  N/A by BSMB stink-bug Issue

Note :
If  you want to use our special shipping, You must complete the purchase & payment 15 Business days before shipping depertuer from JAPAN.

Out of Christchurch City Area & Rural Area may need extra domestic freight charges.

Please ask before if you would like to use this shippings.

Note : Estimate Shipping  period is 40-70 days depend on shipping vessel.

Note: We May Charge extra cost of shipping fee between 1st of  September to 30th April.
( High risk season Of BSMB stink-bug Issue )

More info: https://www.biosecurity.govt.nz/importing/vehicles-and-machinery/requirement-documents-for-importing-vehicles-machinery-or-parts/brown-marmorated-stink-bug-requirements/