We are  providing special shipping rate for NewZealand  Customers.

You can use our Our shipping if :

1, you buy some item from this page : Car Parts / Vehicle or Any Large items from Yahoo JAPAN

Our shipping Schedules are following under.

Estimate shipping Schedules for Container    –  JAPAN  to  NZ 

Name JAPAN – Loading day CHRISTCHURCH – Arrivings
SS1 Mid Feb Mid Apl   N/A by BSMB stink-bug Issue
SS2 Mid Jul Mid Sep
SS3 Mid Oct Mid Dec  N/A by BSMB stink-bug Issue

Note :
If  you want to use our special shipping, You must complete the purchase & payment 15 Business days before shipping depertuer from JAPAN.

Out of Christchurch City Area & Rural Area may need extra domestic freight charges.

Please ask before if you would like to use this shippings.

Note : Estimate Shipping  period is 40-70 days depend on shipping vessel.

Note: We May Charge extra cost of shipping fee between 1st of  September to 30th April.
( High risk season Of BSMB stink-bug Issue )

More info: https://www.biosecurity.govt.nz/importing/vehicles-and-machinery/requirement-documents-for-importing-vehicles-machinery-or-parts/brown-marmorated-stink-bug-requirements/