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    We are Japanese vintage Wheel and Car Smart Key Specialist in New Zealand.

    We directly import quality, late model Car parts and Smart Keys, Remote fob from Japan.
    and we speak the language locally, eliminate additional costs, and sell at lower prices to you.

    We can also program or coding your Smart Key , key fob, remote fob,Transponder Key , Remote Key , proximity key fob or Replacement keys for most vehicle models.
    We specilised to Smart key ,Key Copy , Key Programming , Key Coding , key duplication , Auto Locksmith service , auto electrician service , key synchronization service ,Key adaptations, Adding Key, car key replacement , smart key replacement, proximity key fob nz,Making extra Smart Key / Transponder Key / Remote Key programming also key duplication service available in christchurch New Zealand.
    Please read T&C before purchase.
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