Have your headlights dimmed or cracked over the years?

The impact of harmful UV rays, pollution, and other factors wear down the clarity of your headlight lenses, creating a cloudy or yellow surface.
With foggy headlights, it’s not safe to drive at night, in poor weather, or during the darker days of winter. So be sure to have them fixed right away at JDM PARTS NZ. The Clean headlights affect your safety at night.

This oxidation causes a safety hazard with night time driving. Our professional headlight restoration will take your lenses from cloudy to clear, improving visibility, overall appearance, and value of your vehicle.

Don’t rely on store-bought kits that require reapplication numerous times with temporary results.
Fortunately, repairing them is a relatively inexpensive service.
That said, it isn’t necessarily something you should risk doing yourself. For instance, restoration often requires careful bulb replacement where the oils from your hand can harm the headlight’s performance.

We remove all layers of the cloudy oxidized surface, then apply professional grade paint compounds, mixed on site, according to your vehicle’s headlight lens size. The clear coat with UV protectant is applied to achieve results unlike any other. Your restored headlights will look like new again.



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