We are the Japanese Car & Japanese Wheel Specialist .
Wide range of Made in JAPAN High Quality Wheels / Shocks / other item’s stock in Christchurch.

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148 Hazeldean Road, Addington, Christchurch 8024

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About us
JDM-CARS.co.nz  &  JDM-PARTS.co.nz .
We are a genuine Direct Importer. 100% JAPANESE owned company.
We directly import quality, late model cars and car parts , Auto parts from Japan.
This means we speak the language locally, eliminate additional costs, and sell at lower prices to you.

Our Policy are  ” 3 x Happy” .
1, The  buyer(or Customer) should be a Happy.
2, The Seller Should be a Happy.
3, The Market should be a Happy.

JDM CARS is a Licensed Motor Vehicle Wholesaler  with over 12 years of trusted experience in NZ.
JDM CARS NZ  & JDM Parts.co.nz

key Programming

We are Japanese Car Specialist.
We can program your Smart Key / Transponder Key / Remote Key / any other Car /Auto Mobile Keys or Replacement keys for most vehicle models.
Most of Japanese makes / European makes Smart Key / Transponder Key / Remote Key programming also available.
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29 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Mohammad Omar Faruk says:

    Hi, i want to door to door service of my three cars , to Chittagong, Bangladesh, do you have this service.. If have please say quickly

  2. George Check says:

    Hi there,

    I did a quick google search and found your website. I am looking for a Mazda RX7 FD3S, I would like to import one from Japan. I don’t want one with a lot of modifications done to it, as close to stock standard as possible. I would rather it has leather seats, manual, preferably one with around 70 – 90,000 kms. One with an engine rebuild even better. In terms of colour, I am open to all colours except the factory red.

    Are you able to assist? I will be honest and say this is the first time I am going about doing this. My main motivation is because I have been limited to looking on trademe, and the options on there are very few.

    I am working in Fiji currently but head back to NZ every few months,

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,


  3. Ameer says:

    Hi mate,

    i was wanting to import a Mitsubishi lancer evolution 8 into New Zealand from Japan

    could you help me whit this?

  4. TAKA says:


  5. TAKAO says:


  6. Venu says:

    Hi I am looking for a car in nissan and toyata around $5000 to $6000 if you have any cars please email me by today than i can come to view on tomorrow.

  7. Inbar Zamir says:


    I was looking at your Trademe ad for a honda fit http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?archive=1&id=1146831868.

    Do you have an inspection report you can send me? Also, a picture of the engine and a closer picture of the sound system (does it have an AUX or iPod connection)?


  8. Simon Reeve says:

    Hi there,

    I left a message on Trademe on Saturday morning but I havent had a reply from you yet.
    I am interested in the silver Lexus IS250 in Chch. I have a 2004 Avensis 2.0L white with cream leather interior done 102,000km. It’s in good overall condition and has nearly new tyres.
    I would like someone to contact me about a trade and finance on the balance.
    I live in Blenheim and would be happy to drive down to Chch if we can make a deal.
    My private email is plantorque@xtra.co.nz
    Regards Simon Reeve
    027 2388 339

  9. Matt says:

    Hi, I’ve only just started looking into importing from Japan. I’ve been looking into the Toyota Supra RZ. Because I’ve just started to have a look around & look into it a bit more I am not really sure what’s the deal with it all, costs involved, rules & regulations etc. Is it even possible these days to import them into the country and have them all road legal & do you have any idea on costs for this type of car? I’ve seen in NZ they’re going for around $30,000ish, is it any cheaper to try & import? Cheers for the help.


  10. troy knighton says:

    hi, am I ok to come and pick up the two wheels that I dropped off yesterday for the fitment of the 2 tyres I won on Trade Me about lunch time today?
    Troy, 027 5204646

  11. nick nolan says:

    Do you have passengers side tail light for 1981 toyota crown lens number 30-77

  12. Michael Goldsbrough says:

    Hi Takao

    We bought a 2007 Subaru legacy b-sport station wagon off you last month (August).
    There is an unusual noise (knocking) coming from the front end, possibly suspension. It occurs going slowly over small bumps.

    When is a good time to bring it in for you to look at? The vehicle is still under warranty.

    Cheers. Michael Goldsbrough

  13. Sean Wallace says:

    Can you guys get Toyoyta welcab used parts out of Japan . Welcab sloper, Wheelchair Lifter or seat lifters

  14. tony johns says:

    hi there, am looking for a nb bp 1800 mazda mx5 engine

  15. tony johns says:


    am looking for a BP 1800 NB mx5 engine

  16. Alistair says:

    Good evening,

    I’m interested in the black 2005 Subaru Forester you have for sale. I was wondering if you accept trade ins? I currently have a 2001 Nissan X-Trail which I would like to upgrade. If I visited on Saturday would it be possible to work out a deal on the day, as I will only be in Christchurch for the weekend. Thanks.

  17. Jarrod says:

    Hey, just wondering if you have any Mazda Bongo/Nissan Vanette’s coming in that are 5 door (dual sliding rear doors), single rear wheel and manual transmission? Cheers, Jarrod.

  18. Pete de Vos says:

    Interested in importing a BMW i135 2010 onwards

  19. Chetan says:

    Hey there looking to import an evo 9, would this be possible?

  20. Steven Purchase says:

    Hi taka
    Looking for a volkswagon golf gti
    2005 upwards,under 100,000km preferably manual but dsg gearbox ok.would like it in white bUT light silver ok too.
    Hopefully we can find something.

    Cheers steve

  21. Tim Martin says:

    Hello, I am looking for one 205/55R16 Bridgestone Blizzak tyres.
    Do you have any in stock with more than 4mm tread?


  22. Matt Hendry says:

    Hey there,
    I’m looking at this vehicle you have listed: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1156360559
    What would be finance on a 2 year weekly payment $3000 deposit with 2 year mechanical warranty?

  23. Auto Star Cars says:

    Hi there I am looking for front brake callipers and rotors for a 1992 Toyota Camry wagom 72sv21.

  24. bobby says:

    hai if I import a car from japan how much do I have to pay as duty? and can you tell me all other charges in Nz?

  25. Bill Garlaick says:

    I need one wheel trim for a yr 2000 Hyundai Sonata

  26. Jordan li says:


    I’m looking for a sr20det half cut to put in a s15?
    do you guys have anything in stock?

  27. John King says:

    Hello plz send me info

  28. Alex MacDonald. says:

    I am wanting to get some car parts for my 1973 Subaru GSR which seems to be pretty hard. If you can find anything that would be great. Number plate, GY4084

  29. Nish says:

    We have a friend who is willing to send a car from Japan.
    Will you be able to help us sorting the importing process.
    How much this process will cost?
    We are based in Wellington.
    Thank you

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